Saturday, February 24, 2007

Should U Tennessee fire Glenn Reynolds?

Advocating breaking the law and then lying about it and then using sloppy reasoning that would flunk a freshman student might be a violation of university standards for a law professor. Reynold's and friends response is no, critics of Reynold's incomparable punditry should be fired.

Also - hacker brings down pervert judge. Perhaps someone should see what other trash is on Reynold's computers. Just a suggestion, I find that idiotic sanctimonious creeps often brush aside all concerns of legality and morality for their own self-centered reasons. Considering how he advocates this for our leaders....


Anonymous said...

Actually, hitting military targets is not a violation of any law, either American or international, so that makes your entire point (along with the intellectually deficient Paul Campos) moot.

However, under your logic, a professor who advocated civil disobedience to end segregation should also have been fired because what he advocated broke the law.

Gary said...

Advocating wholesale assassination of religious leaders and scientists is promoting breaking the law and cannot be compared to advocating peaceful civil disobedince.