Wednesday, February 07, 2007

Say NO To Vouchers

Musings has the story. Or for traditional media check out the Chron story. Hundreds of pro-voucher supporters are lobbying Texas state congress critters today but you can preserve public education in Texas by calling or emailing or faxing your legislator.
"The voucher system is a sham to try to create a private school system that would benefit a very small percentage of students and drain away our tax dollars from the public schools," said Nancy Lomax, founder of Parents For Public Schools of Houston, a group that promotes excellent public schools for all children.
Ten reasons to oppose vouchers.

Here is the toll-free number to call to connect to your legislator - 1-888-836-8368.

Here is where to find out your representative's name or if you are registered to vote in Harris County.

(My music playing while writing this - Wierd Al - "You're Pitiful.")

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