Monday, February 12, 2007

Breaking News - Third Carrier Deploys to Iran

A closer examination of US carrier movements indicates that both the Stennis and the Reagan are headed off the coast of Iran to join the Eisenhower.

Officially the Reagan is headed for the Western Pacific on a "short notice" deployment. What is going on in the Pacific to require a short notice deployment? Nothing.

See my previous post as well.

Update - Reuters has the correct destination for the Reagan. Scott Ritter also warned last week of the USS Reagan being deployed to the Persian Gulf.

Navy claims short notice for Reagan for Pacific deployment is because of the Stennis headed for Iran. With the Stennis headed to the Middle East the Reagan was chosen to relieve the Kitty Hawk to keep an eye on North Korea and China.

Debka reported in early January some sources were saying the Reagan was headed for Iran.

Two destroyers from Hawaii were unexpectedly added to Reagan battlefleet headed "for Persian Gulf." The two destroyers are very powerful carrying both advanced fleet air defense systems and Tomahawk cruise missiles.

If North Korea has come to some agreement with the US about nuclear weapons, as reported, I expect the Reagan is going to the Middle East. Three carriers is a loud alarm for an attack.

ADDED - USS Battan to be second amphib carrier deployed. Due to arrive soon.

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