Tuesday, February 06, 2007

Crashing the gates...and closing them behind you

Skippy complains about the spring cleaning taking place on liberal blog rolls.

I am also considering doing spring cleaning on my blogroll. What I am thinking about are pruning to links to blogs I actually have looked at in the last three to six weeks. There is a lot to be said though for larger blogrolls that don't link to the big dogs.

In Texas, there is a new list circulating of Texas progressive blogs that all Texas progressive blogs should have on their blog roll. You guessed it, despite having some contact with the creators of the list EL is not on it. I get no respect, no respect I tell you, maybe I shouldn't have dunked her hair into that ink bottle.

Added - here are some good blogs to check out.


Capitol Annex said...

I'm sorry! Mea culpa, mea culpa. Consider yourself added.

Sean-Paul Kelley said...

Spring cleaning on blogrolls is a good thing, even though I got delisted from Kos. It's best, in my opnion, to do as you are thinking and compose your blogroll from blogs you read and respect, even if you don't have time to read their blog every day.

rjnagle said...

Curiously while upgrading my blog today, I had a similar thought that blogrolls were a thing of the past, that my blogroll on my page needed to be removed altogether. I stopped adding to be blogroll two years ago; even now I no longer use bloglines in favor of netvibes. Still, it's convenient to have a list of sites people regularly check. I always appreciated when people listed these things. Hey, I just checked, and out of the 100 blogs on my blogroll, Easter Lemming isn't even on the list. Evidence that blogrolling belongs to a bygone era.

Perry Dorrell, aka PDiddie said...

Most of us don't use our own blogroll any more, since the advent of the RSS feed.

I usally wipe off a blog if they cannot post more often than once a month, even if I liked them a lot once upon a time.