Saturday, February 10, 2007

Media Double Standards

Jamison Foster has a lot on his plate this week summarizing a bit of the media double standards on "hate speech."

He did not get into Tucker Carlson criticisms of Barack Obama's church with all the other stuff on Foster's plate. Tucker said Obama's church "contradicts the basic tenets of Christianity" and implied it was too black and separatist.

This hypocrisy of the media is not new.
Every day in the right-wing blogosphere — literally – new American traitors are uncovered, calls for their punishment issued, swarming two-minute hate sessions commenced, and even their telephone numbers, home addresses and photos of their homes sometimes published. And yet the media, self-indulgently obsessed with the naughty words used by liberals in e-mail sent to them, have ignored this behavior almost completely. Why is that? Isn’t it long past time for articles and television segments examining what is going on in the right-wing blogosphere?

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