Wednesday, February 28, 2007

Rumors and Scandals

Ben Barnes name in Hollywood prostitute's phone book.
A political figure whose name appears is Ben Barnes, a former lieutenant governor of Texas, who drew attention during the 2004 presidential campaign by saying that he helped a young George W. Bush enter the Air National Guard to avoid the Vietnam-era draft.

The Times reached Barnes by calling a cellphone number listed beside his name in Gibson's records.

"I have never met or talked to this broad in my entire life," Barnes said. He said he could not explain why his cellphone number was in her files.
BBC Reported Building 7 Had Collapsed 20 Minutes Before It Fell - Video. This is the only building I find the conspiracy claims plausible. It was also a secret CIA HQ in New York. Does the CIA wire all their buildings to blow if necessary?

Rumors - A financial analyst and fringe forecaster has said his contacts in Washington say the Iranian attack is scheduled for April 7. He also had an interesting story from China. China has too many US dollar securities and has recently decided we are a bad investment. The Treasury department sent officials to China when they learned they were prepared to dump a trillion dollars of them on the market. China said these are our investments and we can do as we please. The US officials said if you do we will blow up a hundred miles of your oil pipeline to Iran. China said: "You can't be serious. That would be insane."

The treasury officials replied, "Have you seen who is running our country lately?"

China decided to only gradually sell its US securities.

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