Wednesday, February 07, 2007

Does the Edwards campaign have bad instincts?

Edward's campaign is beginning to provoke the left blogosphere by first using provocative neo-con rhetoric on Iranian issues and now by not forcefully defending his recent web blogger hires after a right blogger attack on them. The righties fed the opposition research to the conservative Catholic League and hit the mainstream.

Media Matters: NY Times, AP reported Donohue's criticism of Edwards campaign bloggers -- but ignored the Catholic League's president own controversial comments and inconsistent outrage.

Glenn notes the silence from the media about the rightwing bloggers who have been hired by Republican campaigns odious paper trail and their entire articles just repeating right blog attacks.

Atrios: I'd suggest not taking campaign advice from the racist Malkin and bigot and professional outrage machine Bill Donohue.

Digby wants to set the media straight. The right are foul-mouthed bigots all the time and don't get called on it.

On the other hand, the only defense so far offered for Marcotte's and McEwan's blog entries is that the right does it too, and worse. That is quite true, but it's not going to be much of a defense. It might be necessary for the two to offer to resign.

ADDED From Steve:
Why would the Edwards campaign care about the rantings of an anti-semite like Bill Donohue, who said Hollywood was filled with Jews who enjoyed anal sex.

Donohue is an extremist who finds anti-catholic bigotry everywhere.

The Edwards campaign should realize this the last, desperate scam of an increasingly irrelevant rightwing. Why should they determine who they hire?

Here's a fact: Bill Donohue will not help John Edwards become president. Bloggers will.
Josh - "Let's get someone on the right to complain who's not a complete nutball and Jew-basher and then we can talk."

Pam, here and here: "Caving in to Right Wing Never Works." EL will just say looked how well it has worked for Kerry.

Chris Bowers takes his stand - Edwards is my candidate if he doesn't cave.

Crooks and Liars has the CNN coverage, which is bad. Several months ago MSNBC started becoming the model of what a cable news channel should be - a wide range of commentators and both conservative and liberal hosts. CNN has regressed over the same period. Fox remains faux news from the Republican party.

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