Monday, February 05, 2007

McCain Flip-Flops In 47 Seconds: Claims Success Is Not Realistic In ‘A Few Months,’ Then Says It Is

Is this a speed record for his many flip-flops?

Arianna links to more in a post that also shows the idiotic faux liberal Joe Klein is taken in and also tries to hide his own record on Iraq.


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Anonymous said...

Yeah. He can't win. Once he whored himself to the Conservative base and subsequently begun falling asleep on the horse ("Maverick" my ass) he lost his chance to do anything with his former popularity.

More Ironic would be that he may be the vice president (recall, McCain is an ex-war hero with huge political clout and used to be the poster child for moderate politics) to a politician with 3 divorces whose only accomplishment was that he was the mayor during a horrible tragedy. What a joke.