Thursday, February 15, 2007

Interesting Times

A little catch up post.

What if the Rapture occurred just like Bush's supporters are waiting for.... except God knows who's hearts are in the right place. This is being serialized here, start with chapter one. A liberal Left Behind.

According to the Pentagon's Iraq invasion presentation prewar, by now we are down to 5,000 troops in Iraq.

Murtha stand up. Threatens to block Bush-Cheney Iran strike.

Biden seeks to revoke Iraq war resolution

Should the military option be off the table for handling Iran? Ezra has the experts who say yes, and here. Think Progress has a another round up of experts who think there are no good military options on Iran.

Just another the-only-good-Muslim-is-a-dead-Muslim GOP congressman.

Ezra again:
in 2004, 53 cents of every dollar in salary increases went to the top one percent. The other 297 million or so of us had to split the remaining 47 cents. And federal policy isn't blameless either. In 2006, folks in the bottom fifth got an average of $20 in tax cuts, raising their incomes by 0.3%. Those in the middle fifth received average cut of $740, boosting their incomes by 2.5%. And those in the top one percent received average tax cuts of $44,000, boosting their incomes by more than 5%. And the rich grow richer grow richer grow richer...
Call Bush's bluff now.

Bush, perhaps deliberately, accused wrong Iranian leader.

Lines in the Sand, a new book chronicling the mid-decade Texas redistricting and the downfall of Tom DeLay.

CSM - Al Qaeda calls for attacks on oil facilities worldwide to weaken US.

Former Marines in social justice class admit to being proud of killing innocent Iraqis. Professor goes on a rant. Right wants professor fired.

The other writer the Right doesn't think supports the troops and wants fired.

Pelosi: Bush Lacks Authority to Invade Iran.

Texas considering earlier primary.

George Lakoff is right, escalation is a key word, DLC President Bruce Reed is wrong.

Liberal blog FireDogLake puts newspaper reporting to shame on Libby trial.

GOP has sold out conservatives, in worst shape than 1974.

Two major right bloggers now advocate killing of Muslim scientists, an assassination war.

And a close from Ezra again: Terry McAuliffe, now chairing the Hillary campaign, just luvs those billionaires.

I am off the Lefty blogs feed but that is a glitch related to the new Blogger, I think.

Evolution in Action, Kansas State School Board repeals ID and creationist policies.

The Iran debate at TPM - Baer starts off bad, Max notes first blog opposition, Ed tries to deconflate, Baer links to a semi-supporter, Larry Johnson gets it right. That was all at the Josh's Coffee House table, the Cafe's foreign policy table is nearly all Iran right now too.

Pew - War support slips further, growing pessimism about war, deficit and rich-poor gap.

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