Saturday, February 24, 2007

Israel seeks Iran air strike from Iraq and US

Israel is negotiating with the United States for permission to fly over Iraq as part of a plan to attack Iran's nuclear facilities, The Daily Telegraph can reveal.

To conduct surgical air strikes against Iran's nuclear programme, Israeli war planes would need to fly across Iraq. But to do so the Israeli military authorities in Tel Aviv need permission from the Pentagon.
US plans to attack both open and subtle.
"I don't think the decision has been made to do a pre-emptive strike. I do think everything is being put in place as if that were the plan," says [military analyst and advisor] Gardiner, who has conducted war-games planning on Iran. "That press conference in Baghdad was about telling the world that Iran has done enough, has done aggression, against the U.S. I think it was about setting down a marker - that we have the authority to strike Iran."

"If you hit Iran, she is going to hit back," says Wayne White, an adjunct scholar at the Middle East Institute and former intelligence analyst in the State Department.

"It would not be a surgical operation. It would virtually be a war against Iran ... and there wouldn't be any end game," he says. "The last person who attacked Iran in order to push the Iranians back as a threat was Saddam Hussein - and he ended up in an eight-year war with 150,000 to 200,000 Iraqi casualties."
Cheney hints at Iran strike while in Australia
"You get various estimates of where the point of no return is," Mr Cheney said, identifying nuclear terrorism as the greatest threat to the world.

"Is it when they possess weapons or does it come sooner, when they have mastered the technology but perhaps not yet produced fissile material for weapons?"
Israel denies reports.
"Those who do not want to take political, diplomatic, economic steps against Iran are diverting attention to the mission we are supposedly said to be conducting," Sneh said.

"(They) are anxious to spread the idea that we are planning to attack Iran in order to absolve themselves of the need to do the things that have been requested of them," he added
Israel might have a problem seeing Iran.

Bush plans limited nuclear winter to balance global warming - satire.

Houston Congressman challenged on Iran at Town hall meeting.

Petition with 100,000 signatures to not attack Iran. Other petitions are out there.

A neocon wet dream.

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