Monday, February 19, 2007

Edwards urges direct talks with Iran and other news

AP - "It's a huge strategic mistake not to be dealing directly with Iran," Edwards told the Associated Press in an interview before a campaign event in Dubuque.

"What we should be doing with Iran, both on the Iraq issue and the nuclear issue, is being much smarter than we're being now. We have tools available to us to engage them."

Edwards also addressed criticism aimed at his campaign pledge to fight poverty in America. In recent weeks, Edwards has taken heat for his new multimillion-dollar home in North Carolina, which features a handball court, swimming pool and basketball court.

Laughing at a question about the home, Edwards said the work he and his wife, Elizabeth, have done to help less fortunate people speaks for itself.

"We've shown that commitment through our lives, not just in our public lives but in our private lives as well," he said.
Edwards being a millionaire somehow is the talking point for the right noise machine. Why don't they look into the financial deals and homes of their leaders? Because this isn't an informative discourse but attempts to play gotcha in politics.

Interesting article that Obama and Hillary seem more religious than the GOP front runners. I think the hypocrisy in private lives may get a little play in 2008.

In other news....

We certainly have a policy failure in Iraq. Big time.

Tony Blankley let the cat out of the bag, however, when he said that the US will be in Iraq for 20 years. When challenged about the difference between American combat troops on the ground an an American "presence" he (angrily)said this:
The fact is that when the oil is challenged in the Saudi oil fields and the Straights of Hormuz are closed, we'll be fighting even by your definition.
Right. They aren't even pretending anymore.

I think the great public intellectual and conservative philosopher Ann Coulter said it best:
"Liberals are always talking about why we shouldn't go to war for oil. But why not go to war for oil? We need oil.
Amanda Marcotte, formerly with the Edward's campaign, makes the case for the "vulgar masses," defends her use of terms like "Christofascist," and recounts her experience with the right-wing smear machine. Houston's conservative Democratic blogger thinks her language and her referring to the Bible as a record of myths makes her beyond the pale. At least Greg likes Duckman.

Republicans were for funding cutoffs for our troops before they were against it:
In a 108-64 vote Wednesday, House Republicans backed a measure that would cut off funding for the mission.....The measure drafted by Senate Majority Leader Bob Dole (R-Kan.) and Sen. John McCain (R-Ariz.) was given the best chance of winning Senate approval Wednesday....

The Senate debated three options: Cut off funding, a proposal given little chance of passing; oppose Clinton's decision to send troops but support the soldiers themselves, expected to gain Republican support; or permit Clinton to send troops but impose restrictions on the mission, also considered likely to pass
David Brooks, advocate for authoritarianism. "The centrality and necessity of obedience is a long-running theme for Brooks..."

When does a Republican activist gets referred to in the newspapers as a "purported peace activist?" When he gets indicted for sending money to terrorist training camps.

Grand Moff Texan: "As the last six years have shown, Republicans can’t run a country. All they can run is a smear campaign."

NSA and ATT are listening to you.

Sacrilege at, conservative's top recommended post muddles religion, politics, Jesus and the Bible with smears of national leaders.

The NYT editorializes against making martial law easier and the erosion of civil rights.

Bush's Iraq reconstruction plan won't work says rebuilding group leader.

Krugman on Hillary and Edwards and admitting mistakes.

It Can Happen Here - The authoritarian peril facing America in Salon.

More Jonah Goldberg smears and Britt Hume smears and more from Greenwald in Salon.

The Great Right Wing Brain Glitch of 2007 - Tom Tomorrow.

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