Sunday, February 18, 2007

Repealing teaching on Evolution is just the Beginning

One of Texas's top lawmakers is trying to repeal the teaching of evolution but according to this memo this is only the start of his superstitious beliefs he will try to impose.

He is following the lead of his friend a Georgia legislator and using The Fair Education Foundation, Inc. for his source material. According to FEFI's website the Earth does not revolve on its axis, the universe is limited to the solar system, the Big Bang never happened, evolution is just the tip of the big lies of so-called science, and all of science from the Renaissance on and even before is just a vast Jewish conspiracy.

Is this some harmless crank? No, Republican Rep. Warren Chisum is the head of the Texas House Appropriations Committee which is responsible for all state funding.

We get hints of the far right worldview of the Republican Party of Texas from their party platform but Chisum as one of their leaders now reveals this is just the beginning of their attempts to send Texas back to the Middle Ages and eliminate modern science and all of its benefits.

Believers in real science should ask themselves why even fund Texas schools or keep colleges available to the middle class if they are going to be filling children's heads with fundamentalist Christian fantasies and eliminate "Jewish conspiracy" science?

Call your state representative and tell them to oppose any Republican education budget plans coming from the House Republican leadership that touch on what matters can be taught.

Thanks for Capitol Annex and Burnt Orange for the memo catch.

UPDATE: I see the Houston Chronicle already caught this.

Boing Boing has the Georgia side of the story.

Update from Kuff - Chisum apologizes, but still doesn't get it. Says he is not anti-Jewish, doesn't get the problem.

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