Saturday, February 10, 2007

Condi Rice Denies Seeing Iranian Proposal in '03 UPDATED

I have written this before - is Condi a poor liar or simply incompetent?

I am inclined to say both. I have also speculated she daydreams away her office time, thinking of her "husband." This is only the latest of not believable statements from her that also displays her seeming incompetence in her carrying out her duties.

She now claims she never read a two-page fax from Iran in 2003 offering negotiations over Iraq and normalization of relations.

The problem is her aide says he saw it and passed it on. It was all the talk of the State Department and foreign capitals. She also gave an interview later that seemed to refer to the fax.

Her not receiving the note or forgetting it displays scarcely believable incompetence in her leadership of the NSA. That is the case you have to assume if you believe she is not lying.

It may be easier just to believe she is lying but, as in past cases regarding notes and memos she received and then forgot or mischaracterized, you have to marvel at what a poor liar she is.

UPDATE: Gareth Porter at the American Prospect believes Ms. Rice's denials about this offer to hold negotiations is a deliberate policy agenda. They don't want to talk to Iran and they want to sow doubt and confusion about rather Iran wants to talk. The administration has been queried a number of times on this and they use weaselly parsing of words to cast doubts as to rather they received it, if the Iranian government wrote it, and if it represented a step toward negotiations.

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