Saturday, February 03, 2007

Pretty in Pink? San Antonio Pre-K keeps girl out for pink hair

Four-year-olds are automaticly disruptive but Uvalde Texas Dalton Early Childhood Center is forcing one to stay home because of her pink hair. Seems schools are in the business of stamping out individuality and conformity early these days.
The girl, Natalyn Gracia, dyed her hair pink for Halloween. Her father, Ricardo Gracia, said ever since then, Natalyn has shown more self-confidence and self-esteem.

Natalyn's school, Dalton Early Childhood Center sent letters home, asking her parents to change her hair back to normal. Ricardo withdrew Natalyn from the school, then changed his mind, and tried to enroll her again.

"Bottom line, they said they couldn't enroll the child because she has pink hair," says Ricardo.
Jack agrees:
When schools are more concerned with compliance than education, you can begin to understand why they’re failing our children so badly. Natalyn Gracia didn’t bring guns or drugs to school, she brought pink hair because she thought it was cute. WTF?? Isn’t about time that the pointy-headed maroons who place compliance over education were made to realize that their mission is to EDUCATE our children, not to turn them into mindless automatons incapable of independent thought or individual expression?
I should die my hair pink in a show of support. Problem is, I bet I could lose my part-time job at Lee College.


Anonymous said...

The school has rules that the girl's parents refused to obey. Is it a little extreme that the girl was not allowed to attend the school? Maybe, but that is not the point. There is a rule that can not be changed just because the little girl likes her hair. The rule is there to protect the girl from being made fun of and prevent uneeded distraction. It might be silly, but by letting the little girl do whatever she wants, her father is not setting a very good example. Our schools might be better if our principles did not have to worry about people who fail to follow simple rules.

Gary said...

I obviously disagree with anon. and think it is a silly argument about 4-year-olds. As I said, they are teaching conformity and anonymous supports conformity and coloring inside the lines.

Sharon said...

I threw a fit about this sort of thing at my daughter's High School orientation in Pasadena (TX).

Yes, let's teach them all to conform...that way, when one takes meth, they'll ALL take meth.