Friday, February 02, 2007

School District bans recording in classrooms after recording showing teacher lied

That case of the teacher/minister in a New Jersey public school getting caught evangelizing in the classroom keeps getting more bizarre.

The teacher told his class, including Jews and Muslims and agnostics, that those who didn't accept Jesus as their savior were going to Hell. He continued with many other religious fundamentalist beliefs contrary to science and history being included in his comments while instructing. A student complained to the principal about it. The teacher denied it. Then the student said listen to these tapes I made of him saying this stuff. So far the school district has done nothing to the teacher and the only change in policy is a plan to give instructions to teachers regarding the separation of church and state and a new policy of banning secret recordings.

As I said when this was first reported, shouldn't the teacher just be fired for both lying and inappropriate instruction?

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