Monday, October 01, 2007

Arrogant Cops disrespecting the authority

My brother Jim noticed Respect My Authority! that cops can't believe it when a fellow cop gives them a ticket and there is now a website where they complain about tickets they have been given.

I also get more warnings than tickets because of my white face, bald head, and habit of saying "you are absolutely right, sir, I was in the wrong."

I save my real comments for when they are not around.


Anonymous said...

I read the linked site. Just because they are cops apparently they feel above the common traffic law.'Only 10 over teh speed limit'....'85 in a 65 zone with nobody else on the raosd...'What a load of crap! Cops abuse their job priveleges on a regular basis and frankly it gives me a perverse sn=ense of delight when they (rarely)get theirs...

Anonymous said...

You know, every time an election comes up, I consider voting democrat because republicans are increasingly out of touch. Then I come across articles like this and I remember how much liberals hate the police and I come to my senses.