Monday, October 22, 2007

GOP Congressman goes to Hawaii and all he got was the ugly Ho

A trial about power, bribery and a dirty politician took another tawdry turn Wednesday, as a hooker from Hawaii testified that Poway businessman Brent Wilkes argued with former North County Congressman Randy "Duke" Cunningham over who would get the prettier of two prostitutes.

Wilkes won.

Soon after that, his government contracts dried up.

The men's dispute over the two prostitutes -- while chomping on cigars and soaking with the naked women in a private Jacuzzi in a Hawaiian resort -- happened at a crucial time.

One of Wilkes' competitors was out-bribing Wilkes to line Cunningham's pockets in 2003, according to testimony Wednesday, so Wilkes raised the stakes. Wilkes and the congressman flew to Hawaii, where Wilkes' nephew lined up two $300-an-hour hookers, the nephew told the jury Wednesday.

But Wilkes got the prettier one. And Cunningham wasn't happy.
Randy Randy "Duke" Cunningham had a 100% rating from the Christian Coalition.

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