Monday, October 01, 2007

So many kinds of abuse here

The WP has some story. The Air Force wants to hire an analyst, GOP of course, but has to wait a bit for authorization to come through. He doesn't want to have an unpaid gap in employment. The Air Force arranges to have one of their large contractors pay him $26,788 while he did no work for the contractor but worked for the Air Force. The contractor doesn't mind, it apparently just adds it to the government (i.e. taxpayer) bill for services. I wonder if it has the common cost-plus contract. It really doesn't mind because that part of the company is classified non-profit although it competes with for-profit companies and pays its executives for-profit level salaries while paying no taxes.

This is wrong. This is non-partisan abuse in this case, although the GOP is generally more proficient at taking advantage of tax loopholes and what many people consider fake charities. Democratic Representative Murtha has steered a lot of government business, including earmarks, to this for-profit firm with some questionable non-profit "charity" subsidiaries.

I have written before, (other posts) - non-profit abuse connected to politicians is getting out of hand in this country. Nearly every organization that is classified as non-profit means more taxes for the rest of us. These politically and government connected non-profits are just friends of those in high places being rewarded and are expected to repay the favors.
Steve Schooner, co-director of the Government Procurement Law Program at George Washington University, said the Air Force's use of Commonwealth Research to pay Riechers "seems to make a mockery of any number of fundamental public procurement laws and policies."

See my previous Mayor Manlove articles.

"It's not transparent, it's not competitive," he said, "and no one seems accountable for the process or the outcome."

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