Tuesday, October 02, 2007

Things I read and see

Half Empty has this long story of Rick and Melissa and Nick at the fair. Why I like Democrats.

Amanda saw Eastern Promises and has a feminist perspective. She gets lots of comments and reviews of other movies. Janette and I also saw the movie about the Russian Mafia in London. Janette noticed that in this huge naked knife fight scene Viggo Mortensen was spending as much time making sure the camera didn't get a good look at his package as avoiding getting killed. I guess I wasn't spending time trying to see his package and didn't notice this. I would like to give this movie four stars but it is only three.

A Wired blog on the useless Blackwater hearings. Another Wired blog - Will Facebook die? My facebook page.

The Wall Street Journal frontpages a story that many business leaders cannot support the Republicans because of their economic policies.

The Day After We Bomb Iran.

The Newsweek poll showing Hillary winning the first match -the Iowa caucus was laughable so say the experts. A coin flip would do as well.

News you can use: how to pick handcuffs with paper clips and other common items. Will that get me Mr. Anonymous claiming I am disrespecting the police again?

The Big Brother State - animated short film.

Three final connections: MoveOn who? Is it all up to Iowa? And Milbank on the White House Slimed the Messenger.

Added - Another blogger gets slimed on right wing clown radio.

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