Thursday, October 18, 2007

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Dana Philibert announces she is not running for Pasadena mayor, former councilman real estate developer John O. L. Harris announces he is. There is speculation there may be around 8 candidates running in this short race before the deadline closes.

Harrison had the editor of the Pasadena Citizen write up his long press release on his candidacy and exclude the many "controversies" the newspaper has extensively reported on. The Pasadena Citizen has been very timid after a former editor and reporters were removed after editorials and articles regarding Manlove's misdeeds drew a call from the mayor who said he would withdraw all city business.

In an earlier report I wondered about the Progressive label for Ralph Riggs. He explained that all of the other main candidates are looking back, he is the candidate who is a new face looking forward and will continue Pasadena's progress. He did have favorable things to say about the beginning of Manlove's time as mayor before Manlove switched to benefiting himself instead of the city.

I also heard Harrison speak recently. He elaborated on all the improvements he would make to Pasadena after eliminating the "rainy day fund" which he said only needed to be 2%. Wrong, it is required to be two months of revenues. He has been told that repeatedly in city council. Is this habitual lying, incompetence or senility?

For those just joining us, Harrison was allowed to keep a seat on city council for over a year after a judge ruled he lost. Harrison, Manlove and Philibert were involved in illegally shutting down citizen's speech at City Council meetings. Don Harrison lost a lawsuit that he had knowingly made false statements against an opponent in campaign material to win an election. The judge made him post a billboard apologizing. A few days later he lied about the case in the Pasadena Citizen. This led to the grudge election rematch and the tied elections and Harrison refusing to give up his seat. (Pasadena's politics can be as much of a three-ring circus as South Houston's.)

Another ethics complaint had been filed against Manlove but his leaving office I am sure will shut it down. This involved him claiming as a campaign expense the full cost of his expensive Spanish lessons when he had received tax-payer funded partial reimbursement at Pasadena City Hall.

Kay Bailey will leave office early, run for governor. She is the much better of our two Texas Senators. She infrequently does the right thing. It is unclear if Lt. Guv Dewhurst will come out of the makeup closet and run against her.

Perry endorses Giuliani. Rumors swept the GOP political establishment that Guiliani will pick Perry for VP. This is electorally stupid but stranger things have happened.

I would not be surprised if Ralph Riggs was in the runoff for Pasadena mayor despite three fellow candidates with better name recognition. He is well organized, sufficiently well-funded and has a smart election plan. If only he would get rid of that incorrect quote referring to sleep on his website.

An election petition signing party early tonight at the Union Hall on Pasadena Blvd. near 225. I hear there is free BBQ.

Saturday is the big fund raising dinner for Harris County Democratic Party. I am not picketing the guest speaker, actually I wouldn't mind if some conservative wealthy person was recruited to run in a winnable local race where the only Democratic candidate running so far sole platform positions are 1) Texas adopting the Kucinich universal healthcare plan and 2) higher pay for teachers. Not that those aren't theoretically good ideas but I am not sure he can even come up with the candidate filing fee.

Manlove hasn't told the FEC yet but he has a lot of money to challenge the other GOP candidates seeking to challenge Nick Lampson. At least $320,000 which places him only behind Shelly, Shelly, Mo-Belly Gibbs. Talton seems to be running a faith-based campaign where manna may mysteriously come from heaven later.

UPDATE: Ralph Riggs is the most progressive candiate for mayor of Pasadena. He is on MySpace with a blog even. ;-)

CORRECTION: It is former councilman O. L. Harris running for mayor.

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