Sunday, October 07, 2007

Next Time Your Kids Are In The Hospital Maybe Right-Wing Idiots Will Attack Your Family

What is the latest made up smear of the day in cuckooland? That the kid who needed State Children's Health Insurance the Democrats used for the radio rebuttal of Bush's talk on why he was going to veto the expansion of the program didn't deserve the insurance. A lot of ignorance, hardheartedness and chutzpah goes a long way on that side of the fence.

Looking at the facts the Free Republic goons and sympathizers dug up it appears the 6-person family owns a small business that clears about $45,000 a year. Worse than that the children go to a private school on scholarships and fundraisers. The bastards!

Obviously, this means they should have shopped around and bought family insurance cheaper than the $1200 a month they couldn't afford. Of course, we don't know their medical history to see if that was even possible.

As Whiskeyfire writes:
The upshot is that this is a guy with a family of 6: is it a mystery why he wants to own a 3,000-ft house? is it wrong of him to drive, gasp, an SUV (for 4 kids and a mom and dad)? And to do all this on $45K -- sounds like he' and his wife are pretty hard working, actually, paying their own way -- until their kids get into a horrible car accident and need incredibly expensive medical care.

And what does the freeper say about him?
One has to wonder that if time and money can be found to remodel a home, send kids to exclusive private schools, purchase commercial property and run your own business... maybe money can be found for other things...maybe Dad should drop his woodworking hobby and get a real job that offers health insurance rather than making people like me (also with 4 kids in a 600sf smaller house and tuition $16,000 less per kid and no commercial property ownership) pay for it in my taxes.
That's the spirit! People who own their own small businesses are freeloaders.
The 30% deadend Bushites are increasingly mean, vicious and whacky.


Anonymous said...

Apparently you've done what no one else has done -- confirmed the kids go to school on scholarships. Congratulations!

However, you simultaneously missed the part where they chose not to use an insurance plan available to them that was about one-third as expensive as the one he said he couldn't afford. So you just lost all the bonus points you won above. So sorry.

Hey, the family decided to make their economic and insurance status an arguing point for politics. At that point, when they are using their finances to make poliitical arguments, they (and you) have no right to complain if others decide to look at just what that status is. There's no such thing as a Nixonesque "modified limited hang-out."

And what -- no comment on the funding being hinged on a tax on cigarettes? That tax will not only hit the poor and disabled disproportionately, but the government is working to END smoking -- and if they do, there goes the revenues.

So those who disagree with the massive expansion are "mean, vicious, and whacky?" Fine. Those who are swallowing this boondoggle are dense, denser, and densest.


Jay Tea
Main Page Editor

Gary said...

Regarding cost of insurance: "Of course, we don't know their medical history to see if that was even possible."

Confirming once again that conservatives can't read.

Having a discussion about trolls recently I said I cut a lot of slack to those who sign their names and don't to Mr. Anon.

This is being described by the right as a "massive" expansion after it was negotiated with Republicans in Congress to where there is a 60/40 chance they will override the veto.

Check out FACTCHECK.ORG. Bush lied about this plan, Now there is a surprise.

Gary said...

I agree with Republican John Cole, this is a smear campaign and a creepy stalking of private citizens.