Friday, October 05, 2007

Democratic Presidential Campaigns heating up

Some sharp observations from Roger Simon about how Obama may yet win the Iowa caucuses, he and his staff are familar with what is needed to get people out and vote and caucus.

Obama also has an interesting road side sign campaign going on in Iowa.

The official Edwards Iowa campaign site is very busy and shows they are very busy. A local Edwards's Iowa web site seems inactive with a drop off in notices and events since June but from here I cannot tell the significance of that.

Overall, the Democratic presidential campaigns are heating up with Edwards strongly attacking some of Hillary's organizational backers. Not mentioned is that one of her military advisors helped create the Bush surge campaign and another is one of those who claimed we are winning in Iraq, after falsely claiming he was a Bush critic - Hillary wonks.

If you want more of the same vote Hillary, not that she is not one tough lady and better than the Republicans.

I am an Edwards supporter with Obama as my second choice. Last time Kerry was my fourth choice, I didn't see how a Massachusetts Democratic candidate could get elected nationally.

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