Sunday, October 14, 2007

As EL predicted Harrison is in the mayor's race

Is Ralph Riggs the progressive candidate in the Pasadena Texas race?
"I've always been progressive with my thinking," said Riggs. He explained that some of his ideas have become realities in the city, including repairing the road while the Harris Street Bridge was down and a covered pavilion in one of the area neighborhoods. Riggs would like to see the city sell advertising on their garbage trucks and paper bags.

"A city in Florida raises around $800k per year for city coffers on the sale of advertising on the garbage bags," he said.

Riggs also hopes that the city will use his idea of brick pavers in the intersections of the Shaver Street project.
In local elections street projects aren't necessarily a sign of progressiveness. What about the Strawberry Extension fiasco? What are his positions on privatization and healthcare to name a couple of issues? How much will he seek citizen involvement? Will the bike paths finally be completed? How does he differ from the other candidates?

The Pasadena Citizen gives us the election timeline.
10/9/07 - First day to apply for mail ballot

11/7/07 - Last day for candidate to file Application for Place on Ballot (5 p.m.)

11/21/07 - First day - Early Voting (by personal appearance)

11/30/07 - Last day to Apply for Mail Ballot (MUST be RECEIVED - not merely postmarked)

12/4/07 - Last day - Early Voting (by personal appearance)

12/8/07 - ELECTION DAY

NOTE: EARLY VOTING - will be conducted at CITY HALL

NOTE: ELECTION DAY POLLING LOCATIONS - will be in each single member district polling location
Other News - I wondered about the lack of news on the murder done by Pasadena Police being investigated by Pasadena police we haven't heard anything on. It turns out Harris County is still stonewalling, or investigating, whichever you believe. The death was ruled a homicide.

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