Sunday, October 07, 2007

I am not surprised

That Medicare has a big problem, it is the private insurers handling the new drug plan. They seem inefficient and can't do the job. This is in spite of Medicare's very generous payments to the insurers.

That So-Called-Liberal-Media pundits David Broder and David Ignatious blast Democrats in Congress and praise the GOP and the Bush White House today. The basis of their attacks are conversations with the Bush White House officials and the official GOP congressional conservative cheerleader. Note that both columnists are frequently called "liberal" by right wing writers and media figures. Ignatius says the Bush White House is doing everything possible to avoid war with Iran, according to the nameless sources delegated to spin him from the Bush White House. Broder similarly uncritically repeats charges by Rep. Cole, recently criticized by his own party leaders for too rosy of an assessment of 2008 prospects, to claim that the Democrats are harming themselves by being too partisan. In what fantasy world are these respected "liberal" pundits? See Glenn Greenberg for links and more, see Steve for more on Cole spinning doddering Broder.

That Negative perceptions are dogging Hillary among Democratic caucus goers. Not surprised about that, surprised the article made it into the WP, however. Looks like this series of interviews was set up before knowing what the women would say.

That Clinton is getting heat over Iran vote in Iowa. Why would you vote to declare part of the Iranian Army a terrorist organization unless you will vote to attack it in the future?

That the GOP knew about Sen. Craig's perverse behavior for years. Or is that another Novak lie?

That I see more columns like What ever happened to Democrats? by one pissed off liberal.

That Rush spins, and spins and spins.

That Christopher Hidgens dry humps a corpse for more of his drunken morose warmongering as Acerbic Truthteller comments.

That constructing the super-embassy in Baghdad had no oversight and is a financial disaster.

Not any surprises.

Update, I am not surprised that there are actually people in Iran. I wonder if the people screaming for us to bomb them remember that?

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