Tuesday, October 02, 2007

More on Manlove Resignation

Mayor Manlove called a meeting at his PR and advertising company to announce his resignation. He wanted it invitation only which he could not do at the Pasadena Texas city hall. Word is he was afraid of some of the possible reactions at city hall.

Notice that the embarrassing short interlude of Sekula-Gibbs has been edited out of the history of TX-22 in the local media. The last Houston Chronicle article by Ruth Rendon includes Manlove's standard appeal for the church vote:
"After much prayer and consultation with my family and trusted friends, I believe in my heart that as difficult as it may be for me to leave the office of mayor, and to consider asking the voters of the 22nd Congressional District to represent them, it is time for me to do so," Manlove said in making his announcement.
Surprisingly one of his trusted friends is Robert Talton who is also running for the congressional seat.

Manlove is leaving on a low note for his administration. Voters overwhelmingly rejected his city charter amendments earlier this year. In a shock at city hall, the city council which had never before voted against Manlove did a surprise defunding of the mayor's executive assistant position in a personal rejection of the mayor and the city's direction.

Manlove had to hand over the acting mayor's position to Councilman Jack Douglas, a long and persistent critic of the mayor primarily on fiscal responsibility matters.

Candidates for mayor will have to quickly gear up for the election which will be held within either two or four months depending on which regulations you look at. The election primaries for the TX-22 Congressional seat will be in March.

UPDATE - Manlove is already being attacked from the far right.

The joys of blogging. Someone else wrote me to "Really get an eduacatiom before you doubt someone elses's."

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