Thursday, October 11, 2007

Pasadena Mayor's Race

That didn't take long at all. Ink barely dry on Manlove resignation and Johnny Isbell, Jerri Neely and Ralph Riggs toss their hats in the race. Election is set for December 8th.

Don Harrison is expected to file but so far has only picked up the info packet.

Jerri Neely shocked Manlove with how well her underfunded grassroots campaign did last time. In a crowded field the name recognition of Harrison, Neely and Isbell may be key. Rumors of corruption may dog Don Harrison and Johnny Isbell. Neely with her monthly speak your mind meetings she ran for years may have a stronger grassroots organization.

The Ralph Riggs entry is unexpected. For his city council race he had labor and police endorsements.

Will Dana Philibert get in the crowded race? This may be the cheapest opportunity for any candidate to test the waters city-wide. In a crowded field 35%, or less, may win.

Prospective mayoral candidates have until November 7 to file for office.

I should ready my new mapping software to look into the past races.


Anonymous said...

35% won't do it. It has to be 50% + 1. There is a good chance of a runoff.

Anonymous said...

Folks did not vote for Neely, they voted against Manlove. Speak your mind was "listen to Neely"