Tuesday, October 09, 2007

Easter Lemming Liberal News is the best blog in Texas

Because it is red, white and blue and eats a lot of fiber.

I keep wanting to add Texas Liberal to my blogroll, but even I am only half-crazy. (Note, he has added a number of paragraphs to make his claim less crazy sounding.)

I had an opportunity to meet with Jim Dean and Neil Aquino but I am calendar challenged and thought it was Friday, not Thursday. I would definitely have rolled my eyes and let Dean know we are not all that crazy.


Anonymous said...

I was restrained in fact. The larger point, still to be made, is who are self-appointed people to define what the so-called Texas Netroots are? And what are the motives of things we see but don't really think about? These are points that have little to do with me in the end and that I'll be trying to make soon enough.

Thanks for the link and for spelling my blog name right. Add my blog if you want to have the best blog in Texas on your blogroll. I'll be happy to add your's tonight regardless.

Thank you.

Gary said...

This is silly. The TPA votes people in who are active in Texas politics and blog about progressive Texas politics. I barely qualify since a majority of my posts are national. I also had to give blood since I didn't have the $500.

You have to know people and participate in the blood sacrifices and turn over all of your possessions and share your wife and next born child. It is a strange club whose only benefit is you get advance word on what politician will flip out next, who has bitten what chump, who has insulted the high priests and who is sleeping with whom, if you hadn't already guessed.

Still, you may get what you want. If three hooded men show up at your house with a mask and an octopus or a large squid and a pineapple you should go with them. You will either be initiated or scarred for life.

Anonymous said...

I can't argue that it is silly and that anything involving bloggers is odd by nature. Thanks.