Wednesday, October 03, 2007

Houston has a new Presidential Candidate

No, it is not me, although a reader just encouraged me to quit bashing Manlove and run for office.

Lee L. Mercer Jr. for President 2008.

He has a unique platform, sound as many Republican crazies we have running.
On August 22, 1992, The State of Texas installed an intelligence hotwire in me at the United States Army Military Intelligence Academy Camp Bullis San Antonio, Texas.

I have a doctor degree Phd. as a doctor of laws, medicine ( not practitioner of medicine, i.e. physicians, surgeons), theology, management, engineering and other subjects that are guaranteed by the United States Army in ROTC to be presented to me in a court of Law only.

I will receive my doctor degrees in a court of law only. My final graduation will be in a United States of America’s Court which was ordered by my second ROTC Board and Staff Janet Reno former U.S. Attorney General, former Chief of Staff of the U.S. Army and Secretary Of State of The United States General Colin Powell, Sr. and former Secretary of The United States Army Togo West. They will be joining me circumstantially later.

I won scholar of the world in World Management at Rice University from the President Of Rice University development in engineering with him and the German Government. I won road scholar from the United States Navy/United States Marine Corp. at West Point. All of my records of authencation will be brought forward into court by former board and staff that I have named above according to law for my day in court.

The United States Federal Congress has encouraged me to want to become President of the United States so that I can do what the President of the United States of America is supposed to do and complete the federal and military government biography and autobiography.

THE WAR IN IRAQ: There is some concern about the war in Iraq. I know of U.S. government evidence that the war in Iraq is illegal and it can be solved through me representing the United States Government with a peace treaty. I know there are notations in my ROTC Biography of a guarantee from Iraq through me for peace to the war in Iraq and that Mr. Hussein is innocent of his charges.

63. To Prove It took millions of doctor’s degrees for me to be President of The United States in The United States Army Military Intelligence Academy Camp Bullis San Antonio, Texas to be certified with an all task completion. There is an auto-biography of my leanings, doings and examples of my governments task academics made hot-wire hookup recording Intelligence Electronic Satellite and a biography of every other person, place and or thing in the world all governments in the world and how I did this I became a teacher and invented computerized education and the applications to make computerized education learn, do and example. This is a GOVERNMENT DEVELOPMENT PROGRAM meaning a program that develops a government 100%. Therefore, I can prove there is no candidate and will be no candidate qualified to be elected president of the United States of America before Candidate Mercer For President, The United States of America’s Government, The United Nations and the American Public Citizenship that is on a communications hot-wire hookup can be Vindicated disclose as America is America through Eye Spy Community-Military Intelligence the new tool of America Electronic Surveillance Government.

64. To Prove My only Guardian Former Governor of Texas Ann Richards has just joined me MERCER FOR PRESIDENT CAMPAIGN and Lt. Col. Charles Wallace of The United States Army Military Intelligence Academy.

65. To Prove this is a Religion Program of Intelligence doing Intelligence, Intelligence doing Law, Intelligence doing Law Enforcement, Intelligence doing Criminal Investigations, Intelligence doing Interrogations, Intelligence doing Medicine, Intelligence doing Public Health, Intelligence doing all the Disciplines in the World and Intelligence doing Education.

66. To Prove America is America.
To prove America is America, can't argue with that platform.

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