Wednesday, October 17, 2007

Flame Out on the Right

Wow, the unhinged remarks by the conservative noise machine seems to be causing friendly fire.

Michelle Malkin storms off of the O'Reilly Factor and quits. She claims that Geraldo Riviera was allowed to call her "the most vile, hateful commentator I've ever met … It’s good she’s in D.C. and I’m in N.Y. I’d spit on her if I saw her.” When O'Reilly accepted his apology Michelle claimed it was insincere.

On Michael Reagan the other night a gathering of right-wing hosts pretty much said it couldn't have happened to a more deserving *itch. She was frequently on lesser known right wing radio until she hit Faux News and then wouldn't return their calls. Crooks and Liars: Is there more going on there? O'Reilly wasn't giving her phone calls was he?

Meanwhile, Michael Savage, AKA Dr. Weiner, who seems frequently to go off his meds, on one of his infrequent saner shows tore apart Ann Coulter. Ann made the mistake of calling America a Christian nation on a mass market show and when asked about Jews allowed her biases full run, only perfected Jews are real Americans. Since then she has been digging herself deeper holes.

This controversy was even picked up by the media. Poor Ann, she forgot that Democrats and liberals and foreigners and Muslims are fair game for vile hate attacks but watch your language about Jews. O'Reilly. after losing Michelle Malkin. gave her a pass. Unfortunately, it was only her hacked website that announced she had been playing a sick-joke prank character for twelve years. Maxim - perfecting Ann Coulter. It was interesting that Mohotta at The Drudge Retort caught CBS NEWS plagiarizing Scaife's far right WorldNetDaily for a report on the controversy complete with errors.

The National Review Online is attacking another kid to support a SCHIP veto, this time a two-year old child with a heart condition whose parents make $35,000 a year. Those bastards. Even the conservatives aren't buying it. Pre-existing conditions preventing health insurance coverage is a common problem. Telling parents to get another job seems to be passing the buck and ignoring the real problems with healthcare in this country. Right-Wing gleefully smears 2 year-old.

UPDATE: Michelle Malkin has taken disproved accusations and spins against Graeme Frost's family and made a newspaper column. How many papers are going to pick up this smear against a middle-class family?

Media Matters caught part of the flame-outs including other attacks I didn't mention.
So where was Malkin's gotcha in all of this? There was none. None of the online vigilantes claimed the Frosts had duped the government by hiding their possessions, or that Democrats gave the family special treatment. The pointless, hateful exercise in intimidation was simply to humiliate a family whose children were nearly killed in a car accident.
P.S. - 81 Percent Support Expanding S-CHIP, Including A Majority Of Republicans. Bush's approval rating on healthcare is 22%.

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