Thursday, October 11, 2007

Goldwater Girl's 'Centrist Coalition'

Ari Berman at The Nation:
Her rhetoric has changed since she entered the nomination, as she aggressively courts the Democratic base. But in many ways, her positions have not. "Clinton's pledge to 'get out of Iraq' is far from iron-clad," the Washington Post reports today. "There are numerous conditions attached." She offers a laundry list of reasons why the US might stay in Iraq for a very long time.

Moreover, in a separate interview with the Post today, she began to outline her general election strategy. "I intend to win in November 2008, and then I intend to build a centrist coalition in this country that is like what I remember when I was growing up," she said.

In case you don't remember, Hillary grew up a Goldwater girl.
Hillary is the most conservative Democratic presidential candidate running. That should be OK with me, Howard Dean was the most conservative Democratic candidate when he ran. But Hillary remains my last choice among the Democrats. I think it has to do with her insider and corporate connections. My strong support of Dean was partly because he was an outsider, socially progressive but balanced-budget conservative not connected to the mass media and the large corporations. Hillary's centristism is because she is the candidate of middle-America and Wall Street. You won't see new directions from her. Howard Dean was also just too sensible to support the Iraq war. Hillary current position on Iraq reflects lessons learned from the Iraq War, not that it was hubris and short-sightedness and lies that got us into that mega-disaster in the first place.

Hillary would be OK as president, mainstream and tough, but she is not my preferred candidate.

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