Thursday, October 11, 2007

GOP ground organizations falter compare to Democrats

Across the country the Republican party is being hammered by scandals, low polling numbers, money woes, and a lack of enthusiasm for candidates. Add to those problems a shortage of volunteers and local organization weaknesses. Where are the GOP volunteers? Iowa and New Hampshire illustrate the problems with the many organizers for the different Democratic candidates dwarfing the small Republican organizations.

Here in Texas I am going to a meeting tonight for Democratic precinct chairs. Among other things will be petition signings to get all Harris county judicial candidates on the ballot for free and then they will donate their normal filing fees to the Harris County Democratic Party for a party-wide county-wide coordinated campaign.

My talking with GOP precinct judges has mainly been getting comments from them that they should throw all the office holders out and start fresh. Democrats also think we need a clean slate, get all the Republicans out. Instead of the universal disdain for their own politicians the GOP now has, Democrats have only scattered objections to a few Democratic office holders.

Just another sign that 2008 is not a good year for the GOP, even in Texas.

Headline link is to the right-leaning Politico.

Here is the link to the Harris County Democratic Party.

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