Wednesday, October 10, 2007

Ed Schultz leaves KTRH in the dust

Houston News/Sports/Talk radio KTRH recently dropped liberal talker Ed Schultz for former comedian Dennis Miller. It seems Ed Schultz rapidly growing ratings didn't notice. He now ties Bill O'Reilly in national audience size at 7th place. Number One Rush Limbaugh's audience held off further shrinkage after losing a million listeners last year.
The Ed Schultz Show was the first to "out" Idaho senator Larry Craig (R-ID), ten months before he was caught in an airport bathroom soliciting an undercover cop.
Liberal talkers Thom Hartman, Randi Rhodes, Stephanie Miller and light weight Alan Colmes also make the million plus listener list.

Interesting Trivia - Stephanie Miller happens to be the daughter of Goldwater's vice presidential running mate.

You can listen live or archived for most liberal talk shows on the Internet, which is still the only place to get them in Houston except for satellite radio. Seems a market opportunity there, many don't like the more radical weird variety of KPFT 90.1 with its very few liberal talk shows.

Other choices for information in Houston include THE JOHN TRUITT SHOW on AM 650 on Sunday mornings Monday's at 1 PM (recently changed time.) Alternatively there is Nice Polite Republican radio news on Public 88.7.

Very few radio airwaves in Houston, part of the great right-wing echo machine, haven't been defending Rush over his "phony soldiers" comment. Surely there is a market for a progressive talk show that airs more than once a week in Houston.

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