Saturday, October 20, 2007

Fox News anchor slams Bush’s SCHIP double standard

Bush and the GOP crazies lost many of their own who have defected from this fight. I am going to excerpt a lot about one of the Fox News regulars slamming Bush, it's short and doesn't happen often:
Conservative Roll Call editor Mort Kondracke slammed President Bush’s SCHIP “compromise,” which “cut[s] off about a million children from the rolls.” Kondracke called Bush out on making a prominent 2004 campaign promise to expand children’s health insurance:
You have George Bush, who promised in 2004 at the Republican National Convention that he was going to cover millions of children who were not covered by SCHIP if he was reelected? And what does he do? He proposes a bill that would result in almost a million kids losing their coverage from the level it’s at. It’s no wonder Bush’s approval ratings is in the 30’s.
Of course, Bush's approval rating is now 24% but who's counting. Just like more people want to impeach Bush and Cheney now than ever wanted to impeach Clinton, much more if they have lied about wiretaps and reasons for invading Iraq which would come out in hearings.

Clinton Aug-Sept 1998 (Before Impeachment Hearings)
Average support for impeachment and removal (10 polls): 26%
Average support for hearings (6 polls): 36%

Since Democrats are not the rabid crazy partisans the Republicans are, despite what conservatives say, impeachment is off the table unlike the GOP who pursued it despite having no chance of removing Clinton from office.

I think SCHIP is going to be the gift that keeps on giving for the Democrats. It sure has dominated my blogging lately. Tom Tomorrow shows the right smear campaigns in action.


TXsharon said...

Wow! Did you actually watch Fox? Way to take one for the team! Thanks.

Gary said...

Oh no. Very, very rarely do I watch Fox. Very few minutes of watching is enough to demonstrate they are little more than a propaganda machine. I read people who are taking it for the team. I program cable channels to look for watchable TV by favorites and Faux News does not make the list.