Monday, October 08, 2007

In the future

I can easily visualize a time when I am not partisan. There are a number of people in the Democratic Party I don't particularly like.

I have not been partisan my whole life. In college I voted for some position for every single party running and Michigan had a large number of parties. I will admit some were for college board of regents to get some diversity of opinion. And for our opposing rivals I voted the more extremist parties.

Recently I even supported and worked for a Republican over a Democrat for a non-partisan local election and would do it again because of the circumstances in that case.

But right now I agree with Krugman:
For now, in other words, being an active liberal means being a progressive. And being a progressive means being partisan. But the end goal isn't one-party rule. It's the re-establishment of a truly vital, competitive democracy. For in the end, democracy is what being liberal is all about.
That is not what the current GOP leadership is all about. Of course, it isn't what the national Democratic leadership is about either.

If I didn't agree with the Democratic party a Hell of a lot more than other parties I might be helping to energize protests at the Harris County Democratic fundraising dinner against their guest speaker.

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